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This website, jaydancingbear.com, would not exist without the great help and assistance of my good and generous friend, Yogi Donnie, and I am not the only person he has helped. Thank you.

Donnie is a very dedicated and knowledgeable individual, and he has put much of his own work on the web. The following links are Donnie's almost encyclopedic compilations of political, spiritual and ecological sites. I highly recommend a visit.

Ongwhehonwhe: The Real People

Rainbow Body Links Page (Lots of Links)

Ongwhehonwhe's Environment and Ecology Related Links

Indigenous, Native, aboriginal, and grass root non-profit NGO (non-government organization) links

Green Politics and Progressive Politics Links

the following are some additional links



Institute of Noetic Sciences

Families to Amend California 3 strikes law (what's going on is a crime)

Circle of Life Foundation (Julia Butterfly Hill)

The Human Club a great artist's site