House Concerts
jay dancing bear

It is so incredibly simple to create this
special event!

1) We book the date.
2) You invite your friends. This can be as simple as 4 or 5 folks
    in your living room, sipping wine and enjoying my music.
3) That's it. It's really that easy.

Minstrel Love

"I love playing music for people. I've written lots of songs
and there's nothing I like better than playing for an appreciative audience."

Create a special event, anytime! *Get comfortable
*light a candle
*relax and enjoy as I play for you
  my original songs, songs which
  you can't hear any place else.

If you love hearing live music,
but don't get out much,
(and even if you do)

this is for you!

*no Parking Hassles
*no babysitter needed
*suits your schedule

Easy and fun!
I've been playing 34 years, teaching guitar 30 years and have written more than 600 songs. You won't hear these songs from anyone else. I've played in a lot of places and on a lot of stages. Over the years, I have found house concerts to be one of the most satisfying places to play, both for myself and the audience.

The intimate setting creates a perfect atmosphere, and there's something special about hearing music in your own home instead of a club.

You've heard of chamber music; well, that was when people had a house concert with a string quartet. Times have changed, but not that much. People still love getting together with their friends and listening to good music.

Become part of the great tradition of
having live music in your home

You don't have to wait for a holiday; just pick a date and invite your friends.
It doesn't have to be a big shindig; it can be as simple as a few friends in a living room, or maybe you will want to invite as many people as your place will hold. It's up to you.

You and your friends will be talking about this
special event
for a long time afterwards!

jay dancing bear


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